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The Killer's Promise


You and your group have been captured by one of the most lethal and clever killers in the United States. Lucky for you the killer has promised to give you 60 minutes to try and solve his riddles and puzzles before he comes back to finish the job. 

He is toying with you, mocking you. Are you and your group clever enough to solve his demented puzzles and prove yourself worthy? Or will you be just another part of his "Collection". 

The cost is $25 per person and at least 2 people must book the room.

NOTE: NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 15! This room requires a limited amount of crawling.

Challenge Level: Hard

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The N-Virus


You and your group thought you were getting a tour of a top secret government lab facility. Guess again, the facility needs human research subjects for the deadly N-Virus. And guess what, you just volunteered.  

Use the clues left behind by one of the scientists that is on your side to solve the puzzles and find the antidote before it is to late. You and your group only have 60 minutes until the virus takes over your mind. Be fast and be smart, your life depends on it! 

The cost is $25 per person and at least 2 people must book the room.

NOTE: This room IS family friendly!

Challenger Level: Medium

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Bad Moon Rising!


The old man has invited you and your friends to stay in a rustic cabin out in the woods. Allowing you to spend the weekend free of charge. Is it to good to be true? Yes, as you see he has a son with a particular problem or should we say CURSE and quite the appetite! 

Solve the clues and learn about the curse and you might be able to escape in time. Failure is not an option as your life depends on it!

The cost is $25 per person and at least 2 people must book the room.

CAUTION: This is an intense experience anyone with a heart condition, pace maker, think they may be pregnant or other health concerns, SHOULD NOT book this room! Not for the faint of heart!

Challenge Level: Hard

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