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We get it, heck we've done it. Been in an escape room lost confused and not having much fun, sound familiar? Here at Saginaw Escape we understand why you decided to join have a fun adventure! Don't get us wrong we will challenge you but we always believe you have to have fun while being challenged!

Not just locks!


We integrate puzzles, physical challenges, and other surprises you won't see at other escape rooms! There is that fun factor again! We have a team of professional escape room designers dedicated to making sure you have fun, challenging, but also unique puzzles. Come see for yourself.

Fully Immersive Huge Rooms!


Once you walk in the door you will see the difference. You and your group will be challenged through all your senses! Definitely not like other escape room games. Oh and did we mention our rooms are HUGE? Well they are!!!

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The Killer's Promise


He said he will be back in 60 minutes! You and your friends must solve the killer's sick riddles to escape. He is toying with you, thinking you cannot possibly escape. 

The killer is so arrogant he has left your group clues to help you. This will take all of your knowledge and puzzle solving skills to out smart him. Fail and guess what? You get to become part of his "Collection" taking your place on his shelves in his little jars of madness! 

The cost is $25 per person and at least 2 people must book the room.

NOTE: NOT recommended for anyone under the age of 15! It is scary and disturbing!

Challenge Level: Hard

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Coming Soon - The Killer's Promise EXTREME VERSION!


Welcome to your nightmares coming to life! This is our very popular Killer's Promise room with just one little twist....The actual Killer Will INTERACT with your group!! That's right you asked for it and we listened. Now you can come face to grotesque face with the demented killer! You thought this room was scary before? Just wait until you meet him!

 The cost is $50 per person and at least 2 people must book the room. This room will have limited availability initially so book fast! 

This room is not recommended for anyone under 15 and under 16 must have a parent or guardian with them. 

Challenge level: Hard

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Bad Moon Rising!


The secretive old man has invited you and your friends to stay in a rustic cabin out in the woods. Allowing you to spend the weekend free of charge as an added bonus. Is it to good to be true? You bet it is. 

You see he has a son with a particular problem or should we say CURSE and quite the appetite! Get out before he turns, or you will be his next midnight snack, hey the guy has got to eat right?

The cost is $25 per person and at least 2 people must book the room.

NOTE: This room IS Scary!

Challenge level: Hard


Bad Moon Rising

Michigan's most unique escape room! Do you have what it takes to escape before the son turns? This is no game your life depends on it!

The Killer's Promise

Now you are his toys to play with. Solve his demented puzzles, and pray he doesn't come back early to finish the job!


What our customers are saying about us!

Wow look at these REAL reviews from our amazing customers!

Rosalie B.-  I would HIGHLY recommend Saginaw Escape! Visited for the first time this afternoon and had a great time with our party of 8. I loved the story line of Killer Promise, and the size of the room(s) was awesome! After trying out a few other escape rooms in Michigan, I can say with confidence that this place is by far my favorite! I look forward to trying out some of their other rooms in the future! 

Mario T. - It was one of the best times I've had in awhile..the room was perfect and we plan on returning and doing the other rooms. Thank you for an awesome experience.

Sara T. - Absolutely loved it. We were so close, but didn't make it out. We actually loved how challenging it was. The staff was great and the room was great too! Can't wait to go back and do the other room!

Stephanie E. - This was our first escape room and we loved it! Challenging enough to keep our blood pumping and brains going the whole time. We will definitely be back again. The people running it were friendly and helpful.

Angela T. - This was our second time there and we had a blast!! Can't wait to return for the Bad Moon Rising and the new Submarine room when that's open!!  We ❤ Saginaw Escape!!

Jeff V. - We did the killers promise and it was great! So different then any other escape room we had done! Tons of rooms and puzzles weren’t just I. The open, u had to work to find. You really had to think outside the box! We would definitely come back! 

Richard K. - We did the killers promise and enjoyed it. It was a challenging room and we did not escape but we still had fun. Owner was very friendly and helpful

LostDreams2thestarrs -  We had a blast. I can't wait to go back and try another room!! 

Randy E. -  Fun and creepy! Didn't make it out. I must go back!! :) 

Alex S. - Lots of fun!

Kyle T. - We had a group of four do the killer's Promise, had a blast but he got us! The room was huge and had my girlfriend creeped out big time!

Now it is your turn to have fun!

Book one of our rooms and we are sure you will agree just how fun and different Saginaw Escape rooms really are. You will have a hard time finding escape rooms more realistic or immersive or fun!!

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